Monday, March 30, 2009

Akrasia / picoeconomics

very strong post, a structured explanation of weakness of will, site should be further processed for application

Sunday, March 29, 2009

could living single increase productivity? a pro argument. cons need to be similarly investigated, anyone know where to look?


life as video game

Create a scoring system, and give yourself points based on that system...this appears to be addictive in a way similar to video games, seems like that human "weakness" could be applied to better achieve goals.

Whuffie of course is useful to the extent one has a good scoring system relative to the goal....the more one has precise models of oneself, the goal, and other relevant parts of the problem domain, the more effective whuffie should be.

South Park

commented on Marginal revolution's South Park post. Take away: Reduction of abstract concepts such as corporations or securitization into more specific agent-based examples makes moral hazard and likely incompetence more apparent to human brain architectures.


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